Why working with kids can make you happier

Working with kids can be multi-faceted – sometimes, it can be tricky, hilarious, challenging, but most of all, it’s fun! As you may have experienced in your life, children are very special, and each child is unique. They are very spontaneous, full of energy and all they want is to play and keep themselves busy discovering new things.

My mother, who worked with kids, always told me that she couldn’t do another job. She said that she had the most rewarding job in the world, and she was right! Children have a special way of adding joy to everyday!

It is my passion for working with children that led me to my career path, and I couldn’t be more excited than working with BOKS (a free physical activity program for kids).

Here are just a few reasons why YOU should spend your days working with kids:

1. You get to play (a lot!)

This is not a surprise of course, as kids love to play! But by playing they learn and experience their world, try new things, conquer their fears and build their confidence, all without even realizing it. This is the beauty with kids – they see fun everywhere. I personally love when they show me a game they invented. You get to see them learning new skills, unbeknownst to them, and this is so satisfying!

2. You get a lot of exercise

If you love moving, kids are the best workout partners you could imagine. Exercise doesn’t necessarily need to take place only in the gym. With kids, you can work out in a variety of fun ways. For example, at BOKS, we created and compiled hundreds of exercises to do with kids to ensure you are always moving, and always trying new activities. Throw on some music to make it even more lively. I particularly love the BOKS bridge featured in this lesson plan. Being active is really important for both you and the kids, especially since everyone should move at least 60 minutes per day to be in good health.

3. You laugh a lot!

Laughter is the best medicine! Each child is different and has his or her own unique personality, and they are often  spontaneous and filter-less! It can create so many hilarious situations. I was taking some pictures of kids during a BOKS class, when a 4 years old boy came to me and asked “Could you please take a picture with my girlfriend so I can show my parents she is real?” I thought it was really sweet and so fun at the same time. Trust me, when it comes to children, no two days are alike!

4. You see things from another perspective

As you grow up, you build up certain concepts in your mind that are hard to change. But working with children can help you to see things in a different way. With their imagination and fearless personality, they can come up with incredible ideas! Forgot some equipment for an activity? No worries, the kids will have a creative solution in no time.

5. You get to be loved

This is the most rewarding part! If you give a little, they will give you back a lot. Somehow, kids know exactly what you need, if they feel you are a little sad they will do their best to make your day better. When kids love, they love so wholly and without judgement, that it can warm even the coldest of hearts. It means so much for us when we receive kids’ letters from schools saying that they love the BOKS program and their trainers. There is no better way to start our day!

6.You keep thinking

Kids are so curious about everything. Every day they have many questions they expect you to answer. That is why you have to be able to come up with creative and effective ideas really quickly! “Why do we have 2 legs and not 4 like horses?, Why do we breathe with our nose?, Why is the sun yellow?”. I wish as an adult I was still this curious.

7. You get to be creative

To have the most engaging experience with children you always have to be creative! For example, what could we do in an empty room to keep kids busy? Some fitness skills (crunches, mountain climbers, etc.), some physical games (cat and mouse, clap for 10, etc.) or some creative games (mime, telephone game, etc.).

If you are interested in working with children (2 times per week or more) to help them achieve their full potential and to make your days brighter, you can volunteer at your local school with BOKS. I strongly encourage you to check out this very rewarding opportunity.

Vanessa Danon

Marketing Coordinator, BOKS Canada