Welcome back!

As much as I enjoy the summer, my favourite time of year is fall. No, not just because it’s pumpkin spice season.  I love the combination of the return to routine, paired with the fresh excitement of a new year – back to making lunches and doing drop-offs and pick-ups, the kids seeing their friends again and sharing what they did over the summer, new teachers, and new classrooms.  Most of all, I love the feeling that it’s a chance to make a change and start fresh.

I have been volunteering at my children’s school running BOKS for two years now, and I am excited to start planning for our third year.  I love seeing how the returning kids have grown and improved, and am excited for the new kids who have heard about our class, or seen their friends learn new skills, and decided to join us. Most importantly, I love the little extra time I get to spend with my own kids, and seeing them in a different environment from our home.  It’s so great to see them interacting with their peers, or taking on a leadership role. And I’m sure it must be interesting for them to see me doing burpees and leading Toilet Tag!

I hope that whatever this school year brings for you, whether you are a parent, a teacher, administrator, or one of our amazing community volunteers, you take a minute the opportunity to press the reset button, and make this year exactly what you want it to be.

Happy September!

Kimberley Medeiros

Director, BOKS Canada