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BOKS is in more than 900 schools across this great nation.  But within each one of those schools are children, and adults, who have amazing stories to share.  Stories of transformation, of dedication, and of the power of sport to change lives. 




Here are some of those tales:

Roxanne Moeskops, the Grandma volunteer (Airdrie, Alberta)

BOKS school since 2016.

Health and physical activity shouldn’t be dictated by age.  This is why BOKS was created as an inclusive program for kids as young as kindergarten.  But it works the other way as well.  Meet Roxanne, a dedicated BOKS trainer, who is also a grandmother and an active community volunteer.

“She has a great enthusiasm and dedication to our BOKS program. As a retired grandmother she shows up at every BOKS day ready to help out and run the program to the best of her ability. I only hope that the kids realize what a great role model she is, and I hope that when I’m at her age I will have the energy and enthusiasm she displays on a daily basis” – Jaret, Lead Trainer.

Roxanne, however, understands the power of teamwork, and is quick to point to Jaret’s leadership as one of the BOKS’ success at their school.

“Jaret was always enthusiastic and helped to motivate the kids by showing them the skills of the week and thinking up new ideas for exercises when we had extra time. It was a great experience to volunteer with him.”

Yves Bolduc, trainer, runner, and Quebec 2018 BOKS Trainer of the Year (Shawinigan, Quebec)

BOKS School since 2016.

“When I started BOKS at our school earlier this year, it was difficult to measure the impact on children. Subsequently, some teachers told me that the children asked to do the program in the morning because they liked to do BOKS Bursts (BOKS’ DPA program) during the school day.

Since the last 2 months, we have also implemented a BOKS race where we followed the plan offered by the program. A small 20 minutes to move! There is even a teacher who did it with his students and ran 1km for the first time during our sports day. Such a good example for the students. BOKS is a tool that I use to allow me to do versatile activities and to move the children while having fun. We really saw the impact of the BOKS program during our annual sports day where children must run 500m (kindergarten to 2nd grade) and 1km (3rd to 6th grade).

I have organized this activity for more than 5 years, and this year all students (220 students in total) participated in the race. For many, the race was difficult, but they managed alternating walk and run. Some children may never have a place on the podium, but they all receive a medal for all their efforts. For me, the impact of physical activity is not only physical, it brings a sense of pride and self-improvement. And having that feeling of going beyond his or her limits, the child may want to keep moving to improve.” – Yves Bolduc

Nevaeh, a very special BOKS kid (Estevan, Alberta)

BOKS School since 2017.

Nothing makes our day quite like receiving mail like this!

Allan Power, Atlantic Canada 2018 Trainer of the Year (North River, Quebec)

BOKS School Since 2017

“I first heard of the BOKS Kids program last year when I attended the PHE National Conference in St. John’s. I attended the session at the conference and immediately thought this is something I would like to try at my school. From the very first mention of the program, my Principal was on board and did everything in his power to help me get this started. He printed off pamphlets for staff and posters for kids to make them aware of the program. He also had our school road sign in the community advertising the program. Then, I explained the program to our staff in a meeting and had 8 teachers come forward to help which was great! We had a great response from our parents and many offered to help as well.

We started the program in January of this year and offered it to our students for 16 weeks (8 weeks for Primary, 8 weeks for Elementary). We offered the program in the mornings from 8:00-8:30 and had 30 kids signed up in Primary and 60 kids signed up in Elementary. This is about 1/3 of our school which I thought was amazing! As for the program, I have nothing but good things to say about it. My plan is to continue the program but also to extend it by starting in the fall so we can get the kids moving earlier and more often!

 The aspects of the program that appealed to me were:

  • The lessons were simple (this is good) and can easily be adaptable
  • The lessons don’t require a lot of set up time or equipment
  • It is FREE! Every school from K-9 should be doing this program!
  • All equipment was provided to the school along with a Curriculum Guide which had more than enough lessons, ideas and activities to do with the kids
  • The website portal was excellent. It included access to all documents, activities and videos which did a good job of explaining all movements and exercises
  • The lessons also touched on Nutrition at the end of each session which I thought was a nice touch, especially for younger kids in terms of teaching them healthy eating habits
  • Having a BOKS Kid of the week was a great idea. When some of the kids got their award, it was like Christmas morning for them! They were ecstatic! I had one parent tell me that their son slept with his certificate for weeks because he was so proud.
  • Lastly the program is flexible. It can be offered before, during or after school. It can run anywhere from 8 weeks to 24 weeks. It can also be done outside. If there are not enough teachers to help out, you can ask parents to be trainers. This should appeal to different schools in terms of scheduling, community involvement, etc.

As for some of my own experiences, I can tell you we had lots of excited children on those mornings of the program. They would race into the school, change their shoes as quickly as possible and get to the gym to get moving! If some students had gym class and BOKS Kids on the same day they were racing to tell me ” I have two gyms today! One in BOKS Kids and one with you!” The teachers involved in helping also enjoyed the program as well. They looked forward to those mornings and so did I. I think they liked interacting with the kids in a different setting, and also getting some exercise! It seemed on BOKS Kids days, I would feel better, more alert, and more focused so I personally noticed a difference. When the program ended we had a lot of sad faces and a lot of kids saying “I wish we still had BOKS Kids today Mr Power”. To this day, when we are in gym class and doing a certain activity or exercise I always have a student say “oh yeah I remember doing this in BOKS Kids” or ” I know how to do this, we did it in BOKS Kids”. When I hear those comments then I know the program was successful.

To sum it up, this was a program that a had positive impact on our students, staff and school community. It is a program that promotes exercise, nutrition and healthy choices. It was great way to start your day off and when each session was over, everyone left the gym feeling better then when they came in.”- Allan Power


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