Our BOKS Family had a LOT to say!

Our BOKS Family had a LOT to say!


This past Fall, we asked our BOKS schools to let us know what they love about BOKS. We were overwhelmed with the response.

We heard from trainers, students and parents from across the country. You shared your stories, pictures and all the reasons why BOKS is meaningful in your schools and communities.


Here is a small sampling of what some of you had to say…

I love BOKS because it lets me be active and healthy. I had lettuce, pomegranates and oranges for snack. It also helps my abs and muscles. Thank you BOKS!

Violet, age 8

I love BOKS because it helps me get ready in the morning. I get to hang out with my friends and everyone’s positive attitudes. Thank you for all you do to help us be more successful! You are amazing!

Amelie, age 10

I love BOKS because it gets my brain ready in the morning. I get to hang out with my friends. I get to encourage others to do their best! We get to meet football players and do relay races! Always an encouraging atmosphere! Everyone has a positive attitude. I love it! I love BOKS! Thank you!

Maia, age 11

I love BOKS because I can get more fit and I can also make new friends while I do the things I love! Thank you!! p.s. Keep BOKS going.

Jayne, age 9

BOKS is a great activity. It makes me have energy for the day and it is exercise. My favorite activity is relay races. I recommend BOKS because it’s very good for you. BOKS inspired me to be healthy and exercise.

Nick, Grade 5

I like BOKS because it’s a great way to stay active and healthy. My favorite activity in BOKS is crunches because they taught us a lot of new types of crunches that I didn’t know before. We also do an activity called Metrics and that’s where we do 5 laps and they time us.

Isabella, Grade 5

We have 45 children doing the program on every Friday of the week. I enjoy teaching the children about being physically fit and how important it is for them in their every day lives. We are an after school program and have fun with the program. Having the activities all planned out helps to run the program more easily each week and having the flexibility to change the activities around helps as well. I have enjoyed the program and will continue to teach the children in this format. Thanks so much for all you have put into the program.

Jennifer Arnold, Trainer

I like BOKS because you can exercise and play fishy fishy. It’s good for you and it’s so so fun. You can do relays.

Brielle, Grade 4

I like BOKS because all the stuff that will inspire kids to workout in the mornings. It feels good for me in the morning. The activities are fun to have a great day. I’ll join next time too! BOKS rocks!

Ryder, Grade 2

My favorite thing is running!

Keaton, age 10

My favorite things are running, push ups, jumping jacks, jumping.

Jordan, age 9

My favorite part of box was the games because we always run and I like running. Because it gets your legs moving.

Cassie, age 7

BOKS is a great way to bring multi-grades and abilities together. It’s an opportunity to build relationships through active participation, demonstrating teamwork and promoting sportsmanship. This is all through a positive and inclusive environment.

Chelsea Bailey, Parent Volunteer

What I’m thankful for at BOKS: All the cool sports at BOKS, friends, family, things, teachers, activities, workouts and calming things. I LOVE BOKS because it is fun and sometimes funny. I love to make new friends at BOKS.


Thank you for helping me be healthy.


I like BOKS because I like the games we play. It is fun to hang out with my friends. Also, it’s a ton of fun. I like how it helps me get ready for my day. I love BOKS!


All this awesome feedback was amazing to receive. Thank you for taking the time to share your stories with us! We look forward to continuing to bring impactful programming and training to our schools across the country; so parents, teachers, students and school communities can continue to feel the positive impact of BOKS.

BOKS rocks!

Shannon MacMillan

Manager, Programs & Training, BOKS Canada