How Do I Motivate Myself to Exercise First Thing in the Morning?

Do you train early in the morning? If so, did you notice the energy boost and the increased productivity that come from it? Morning workouts offer several benefits for the mind and body, although training at any time is always good. Morning workouts increase our metabolic rate, reduce our stress level and help us burn calories all day long. Also, the feeling of accomplishment helps you start the day off on the right foot, and it improves your mood! Of course, it’s not always easy to get out of bed and get motivated to work out… especially in winter.

I encourage you to start or continue to work out in the morning if your schedule allows it. Here are a few ideas on how to get motivated to set your alarm clock a bit earlier than usual.

1. Finding the Recipe for Success

In order to ensure your assiduity, it is important to perform activities and exercises that are pleasant. Selecting the right exercise and the right location are vital to getting you out of bed early and to put on workout shoes. Do you have kids? It’s not always easy to go to the gym when you have to factor in school and daycare. There are many options open to you right at home: exercise DVD, online fitness classes or simply home gym equipment. Your training must provide some enjoyment while motivating you to push yourself.

Solo workouts can be very pleasant! For some, training with a buddy is more enjoyable and motivates them to work out even harder. It’s always much harder to cancel a workout session when someone else is expecting you! Even if training is hard, taking up a challenge with a friend makes it more interesting and the satisfaction of having faced it is considerable. Registering for a group class in a gym is another option that offers many advantages: encouragement, ambiance, support from the trainer, motivation to go beyond your limits, etc. A personal trainer is also an interesting option when starting out or to pursue specific objectives. The personal trainer is in a position where she can give positive support to her client while making any adjustments necessary to keep motivation going and the training routine on track!

2. Planning: An Important Step

I believe it is easier to get motivated when we have a training program that we can follow. Even when we are tired and don’t feel like working out, if we have a program, we instinctively start our warm-up routine. A good program also allows us to train efficiently, and we can notice quick results. I recommend that you vary your workouts, so that you can remain motivated and allow all muscles to exercise. I receive my routines (thank you Manue) every Sunday evening, which leaves me time to plan accordingly for the week ahead! My sessions are varied, and they concentrate on strength, endurance, core muscles, and flexibility. I must admit that, without adequate planning, the number of workouts would not be the same.

Planning your workouts will allow you to train very hard on exercise days and to enjoy the newspaper, coffee and breakfast on those other mornings! Creating and following a routine will help you stay motivated, and you will enjoy your recuperative days even more without feeling guilty.

3. Adequate Preparation Is Vital!

When your alarm clock goes off, don’t question it and get moving. Make sure to prepare your workout gear and bag the evening before. If you work out outside, check the weather the day before in order to be prepared. You will save precious minutes. Of course, make sure you get enough sleep for peak performance during your early morning workout (most people need seven to eight hours of sleep). Therefore, spend a little less time watching Netflix or surfing on Facebook the evening before in order to more fully appreciate getting up in the morning. Drinking a large glass of water (with lemon) when you get up will help wake you up, and it will prepare your body for exercising.

4. Cutting-Edge Technology!

We know that physical activity offers many benefits. However, that knowledge is not sufficient for some people, and they need an additional, more tangible incentive to get out of bed. Numbers and statistics are your thing? Then, how about getting yourself a fitness tracker (watch or bracelet) to keep you motivated about your new routine? Personally, I really like seeing how many calories I’ve burned during my workouts, as well as the number of steps I take every day! This data helps me compare timings or results obtained over the weeks and months. Also, thanks to some apps, you can challenge your friends and follow their progress.

5. Let’s Set Ourselves a Goal!

What is your goal? Is it to run 10 km; perform 5 pull-ups or 30 push-ups; or lose 15 lbs? Setting short-term and long-term goals and writing them down in your journal will help you focus and invest your energy into achieving those goals. It is way too easy to lose track of our goals, either because of distractions or of feeling too tired in the morning. All you need is to remember the amazing satisfaction felt after a workout and the sensation of freedom to enjoy the rest of the day that comes after! Achieving a goal boosts self-confidence; it encourages us to continue working out and to set even loftier goals. Whether your goals are easy or ambitious, every day counts. Be proud of your achievements and do not be afraid to push yourself.

Early morning workouts offer many physical and mental benefits. You must feed your motivation well to reach your objectives and make sure you enjoy every one of your workout sessions! I encourage you to try out now physical activities or sports so that you can discover new passions and make new acquaintances! You have the potential to become a sports enthusiast—even in the early morning!

What will your next challenge be?

* Health Canada recommends that adults engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) per week, accumulated in bouts lasting at least 10 minutes.


Manager – Business Development, BOKS Canada