“For me personally BOKS strikes a cord” – Matthew Black, CFL player

Being a part of the BOKS program for the last several years has been an absolute blast. Not only are the teachers and trainers a pleasure to work with, but also the kids I meet at every school keep me excited for the next time I’ll get to visit a BOKS school.

My favorite part of the program is getting in there and interacting with all the kids. Due to smaller class sizes, it provides a very intimate setting. I get to warm the kids up, run drills/play games with them, teach skills like throwing and catching and talk to them about the importance of physical activity and how it’s vital in our daily lives. In these smaller group settings, kids feel comfortable and often ask me tons of questions. Like where I went to school? How long I’ve been playing football? And how I got to the CFL?

For me personally, this program strikes a cord. Being diagnosed with dyslexia in grade 2, school was never fun for me. My parents and teachers used sports and physical activity to keep me engaged and motivated in the classroom. When introduced to the BOKS program, it brought me back and made me think just how valuable a program like this would have been to myself and countless other students. It’s great to see all the good work BOKS is doing to help engage our youth, educate them and give them lessons they will carry with them throughout life.

Matthew Black

CFL player for Toronto Argonauts