Congratulations to the BOKS 2019 Trainers of the Year!

BOKS is extremely grateful to ALL our trainers who dedicate their time to ensure our Canadian children stay physically active.  Our volunteer trainers are beyond essential and play an extremely large role in the success of BOKS. We simply can’t thank everyone enough, although given the opportunity we certainly would like to.

Like last year, many trainers who went above and beyond were nominated by peers, co-workers, staff, and/or BOKS teammates to be named, “Trainer of the Year.”  Congratulations to all our nominees. Dedication and appreciation of the trainers throughout the 2018/19 academic year were shown by how many nominations were submitted.

We are happy to announce the winners from across Canada each representing their region, as outlined below.

We are thrilled to give a huge shout out to the following winners!

Name School City Region
Krista Oliphant Varsity Acres School Calgary, AB Western Canada
Isabelle Tétreault Clair Matin St-Eustache, QC Quebec
Krista Richard Forest Glen School Moncton, NB Atlantic Canada

The above winners have been gifted with a $100 voucher to We can’t wait to see these trainers sporting their newly acquired Reebok attire in their next BOKS class.

Here is a little snapshot into our three winners and what the individuals who nominated them had to say about them.

Krista Oliphant

She is a parent volunteer at Varsity Acres School in Calgary, Alberta. She brought the program to the school and recruited a team of dedicated volunteers to help her deliver the program to 35 students, two times a week for the past three years. Krista’s co-trainer Trevor, had this to say about her dedication to BOKS.

Krista has led our entire BOKS initiative, from day one she researched it, got it going and leads the sessions regularly. In addition to this, she also coordinates carpooling with other families to ensure kids can arrive on time every time to BOKS at our school. Without Krista, this program would not run. She leads the sessions, the skills and the talks. She is always positive with the kids and is always actively participating with them.”  Krista probably knows the BOKS lesson plans forward and backward by this point and her favorite activity to play with the kids is “BOKS Up & Down”.


Isabelle Tétreault

She is our winning trainer out of St-Eustache, Quebec. She has been running the program atClair Matin (St-Eustache) for the past 2 years. Her favorite activity was when she organized a BOKS circuit with the whole school in May of this year. 570 students got active with 25 BOKS stations. Isabelle was in charge of organizing and leading this special day!

“Every morning first thing when the bell rings, Isabelle gets around 120 students active outside! With music and great energy, Isabelle is a leader at the school and the kids are enjoying every minute of her BOKS classes!”


Krista Richard

She has been volunteering with BOKS since 2017. She is at Forest Glen School in Moncton, New Brunswick and decided to bring BOKS to her school after she was introduced to it.

Krista has been a very positive force on our staff at Forest Glen, promoting daily exercise and good eating habits through BOKS. For 4 mornings a week, Krista has run the BOKS program, beginning at 7:30 am. Through this program, she has forged strong relationships with our school and outside communities. This program has also spilled over into the classrooms with teachers and has also led to an annual Family Fun Fitness Night led and organized by Mrs. Richard.  Four days a week she also provides Intramural sports for all our students. During recess times, she has students participating in our Trotting Tiger’s running club as well. She is now in the middle of a campaign to give children in our community a good, used bike for the summer. She is doing this through donations and her connections in the community. Krista works tirelessly at Forest Glen to provide the best possible physical education experience she can deliver. This energy and enthusiasm have been enhanced because of the BOKS program.” Krista’s favorite BOKS activities are tag games and activities using plastic cups.


If you are interested in volunteering as a Trainer with BOKS or if you simply have some questions about the program, please reach out to your BOKS’ Regional Coordinator:

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