BOKS 2018 Annual Report is here!


Through our partnership with adidas/Reebok and The Public Health Agency of Canada, we are able to continue to develop our tools, resources, and training materials, and plan to reach even more schools and children in 2019 and beyond.

We encourage you to check out our 2018 Annual Report for more details about how we are helping to change lives through sport.

23,104 KIDS

We know that through sport, we have the power to change lives. This year alone, BOKS helped contribute to the lives of 23,102 Canadian children by increasing the amount of physical activity they have access to while at school.


We empower our 2,600+ in-school volunteers by teaching them how to get kids active through running and functional fitness skills, and providing them with the tools and resources they need to actually get their students up and moving.



Each region, school, and child has unique circumstances, and many of these children face a number of barriers that prevent them from accessing sports and fitness.  We tend to assume these barriers are financial, but some you may not think of: climate related barriers that keep children from getting outside or being able to travel to their local community center; geographic barriers where they live in such remote communities they do not have local extra-curricular activities available; dual-income, professional parents who work long hours and simply cannot get their children to after-school activities.


By working with school staff and parent/community volunteers, we are able to provide children with additional physical activity right where they are: at school. We help contribute to a culture of wellness in each and every school where BOKS is run, and we are honoured to have schools running BOKS in every single province and territory.