8 TIPS for keeping your kids engaged over the summer

1. Go for a bike ride or head to the park to toss around a frisbee or fly a kite. 

“This activity is all inclusive (younger kids can hop into a bike seat or trailer) and can be done with multiple families at once. The social aspect is just as much fun as the physical one.” Lynn

2. Pack a healthy snack or lunch and go on a nature walk.

“Going on a walk is a fantastic way to get the family outside and discover new sites in your town.  Make sure your kids are entertained and challenged by asking them questions, collecting items along the way, taking pictures and observing nature! Are your kids getting hungry? No problem stop along the way and enjoy your lunch!  My favorite: going on a walk at night under the stars. The kids love it so much!” Kim

3. Leave a duffle bag in your car full of things you might need so you can stop and be active anywhere you go.

“I leave a bag in my trunk with swimsuits, towels, extra running shoes, hats, a change of clothes, and sunscreen.  Then my kids and I are prepared to pull over wherever and whenever to jump through a splashpad, visit a conservation area, go for a swim, or go for a hike on a trail.  We love being prepared enough to be spontaneous.” Kimberley

4. Explore your community treasures by trying geocaching!

“Geocaching is a great way to get outside and do some real-life treasure hunting! Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. It’s a fantastic way to work together as a family and go on an adventure! Not sure how to get started? Check out https://www.geocaching.com/guide/ for more information!” Lauren

5. Go camping in the forest and explore nature. 

“This activity was by far the one I loved to do the most when I was little (and it still is today). Setting up the tent, building the campfire, kayaking in the lake; it keeps you active all day and you completely lose track of time.” Vanessa

6. Find some water to play in and you will all be entertained for hours!

“Set up the sprinkler or head to your local splash park, wading pool or outdoor pool – endless fun for both adults and kids. My favourite thing growing up and to this day is getting in the water – there is nothing like cooling off in an outdoor pool or racing through a sprinkler to enjoy a hot, summer day! Top it off with a fruit smoothie and the day is complete!” Shannon

7. Get out and participate in a game with your kids. 

“Kids love it when adults and parents physically participate together in the games they play. Hide and seek, street hockey, tag, soccer; the list goes on and on. The fun takes on a new level for them, it’s a great way to bond and everybody benefits.” Chris 

8. Grab the sunscreen and head to the beach/lake.  

“In the summertime you can always find me at the beach. It’s a perfect place for kids to play and move with friends. From throwing a football around, swimming, building sandcastles, and having water relay races; to playing KanJam or Spikeball (two of my favourite group beach games), the options are endless. With snacks and lots of water to stay hydrated, the beach can entertain and keep kids active for an entire day.” Kyla