6 tips to make physical activity fun

Physical activity is good for both our body and our mind! Although we are aware of its benefits, finding the motivation to move regularly can be hard. This is even more difficult when we are not used to moving regularly. At specific times of the year, when my motivation decreases, I really need to find pleasure and have fun while training. Here are some tips that I use to make my workouts more engaging, they work for adults but also for children.   

  • 1- Listen to Music 

It’s simple, I do not do anything without music, and my neighbors will agree. Music inspires you to dance and move, no matter the time of the day. If you get bored a little while you’re exercising, put a playlist on that makes you happy. Here are my suggestions for playlists on Spotify: Motivation Mix, Fun Run, Workout  and this one for kids: BOKS Canada. 

You can also try downloading a podcast or an audiobook to listen to and you’ll quickly forget that you are even exercising! 

  • 2- Find partners to move with 

It is always better to workout with two or more! While chatting (talking), exercise becomes much less mundane. It is no longer an obligation, but an opportunity to talk with friends or colleagues. It then becomes a social activity. If you are exercising by yourself, you can easily cancel a training but when you are committed to a partner it is more challenging to cancel. 

It’s also a great way to discover new exercises from one another. 

  • 3- Go outside 

Running on a treadmill at the gym is convenient but it can become boring quickly. When the weather is nice, opt for outdoor sports. The fresh air and abundance of oxygen will help your body to produce the happiness hormone (serotonin). When you exercise outside, did you know that you burn more calories than when you are inside? Indeed, playing sports outdoors requires you to be resistant to the cold, the heat and the wind. An hour of running helps you burn about 780 calories, an hour of cycling 530 calories and an hour of snowshoeing about 500 calories. One more reason to enjoy nature! 

  • 4 – Discover new activities 

Why not try something that is unknown to you? Take the lead on trying out activities like dancing by signing up for Tango classes, swimming-pool aerobics in your local pool, or walking in the mountains with a group of hikers in your region. 

  • 5 – Play games 

It’s always more fun to move while playing as when we were kids. That way, we don’t even realize that we are exercising. To have fun, join an organization or a club that offers gaming based group lessons. It is easier than you may think! Join several Facebook groups, by typing the name of your city and the activity you are looking for. You will be surprised by all the options that are offered! For example, why do not you try «sumo soccer» or trampolines ?

For children, they can join the free BOKS program in their schools. 

  • 6 – Challenge yourself 

If you have a goal, you will be much more motivated! Choose an achievable goal that suits you. Why not register for a 10km race in the coming months? That way you will have a concrete challenge to accomplish, and you will remain motivated until its achieved 

Vanessa Danon

Marketing Coordinator, BOKS Canada