20 Bursts that allow students to stay active, at a distance!

Physical Distancing, NO Problem! 


Some schools across the country are making plans to get kids back into the classroom and others are considering what will happen in the Fall. At BOKS, we know regardless of the situation, it is important to keep our kids moving. We have compiled a list of our top 20 BOKS Bursts that allow students to stay active, at a distance! All these Bursts can be done independently, by a desk or outside, without needing to come into close contact with other kids. Try this list of BOKS Burst Favorites when you are back to class with your students! 

Download a hard copy of all bursts here.


1) Rock, Paper, Scissors 

Each student will play against the teacher! Teach the children the following motions:  

  • Rock = squat down  
  • Paper = star jump, landing with legs and arms wide  
  • Scissors = cross arms and legs  

If the student wins the round against their teacher, they do 5 jump ropes, if they lose the round, they do 10 squats.  

Note: this video was recorded before the social distancing requirements. Kids should stand at a distance.

2) This or That 

Ask your students the following questions. If their answers are “YES”, they will jump rope (with or without a physical rope) for 30 seconds and if their answers are “NO”, they will do seal jacks for 30 seconds. 

  1. Or choose exercises of their choice! 
  2. Did you have at least one fruit with your breakfast? 
  3. Did you get 8 hours of sleep last night? 
  4. Did you drink water as your only beverage all day yesterday? 
  5. Did you have fruit or veggies with every meal yesterday? 
  6. Have you tried making a fruit smoothie in the past week? 
  7. Have you made a fun snack in the past week?  

3) Summer Sports Galore 

Do each activity on the spot for 30 – 60 seconds  

  1. Beach Volleyball– squat and bump the volleyball  
  2. Hiking– vertical mountain climbers, jog with one arm reaching to the sky and the opposite leg comes up to hip height  
  3. Lake swim– lean forward and windmill your arms in a swimming motion  
  4. Marathon show off – high knee jog while you cross the finish line  
  5. Golf swing– squat and swing facing one direction, 180-degree squat jump to face the other direction, repeat your swing on this side  
  6. Kayak– torso twist to warm up, paddle your kayak twisting from side to side  
  7. Soccer– fast feet making a square (forward, side, back, side) 

4) Spring Sampler

Do each of the following exercises for 30 – 60 seconds on the spot. Repeat.  

  1. Rugby– lunges with a twist 
  2. Track & Field– high knee skip step or “snap downs” 
  3. Pickleball– squat and swing your arm to return the ball. Switch sides 
  4. Lacrosse– high knee jog 
  5. Softball– arm circles 
  6. Skateboarding– squat jumps with a 180 degree turn with each squat 

5) Triathlon Burst

  1. Lay down on the ground with your tummy touching the floor. Swim for 30 seconds in a row 
  2. Do a “v” sit on the ground andcycle (pedaling movements with feet while your pretend to hold the handles of the bicycle or place hands behind you to balance) for 30 seconds 
  3. Stand up and jog on the spot for 30 seconds 
  4. Repeat sequence 10 times

NOTE: partners should stand at a distance

6) Chair Aerobics

Perform each activity for 60 seconds.  

  1. Stand up, face your chair, and alternate tapping your toes on the seat (i.e. left toes, right toes) 
  2. Jump up out of your chair and sit down continuously. Count out loud how many stand up/sit downs you can do 
  3. Sit in the chair and raise both feet straight in front of you, hold for 10 seconds and lower
  4. Still sitting in the chair, lift both feet in front and hold them for as long as possible
  5. Walking lunges around your chair and repeat the chair aerobic routine

Note: this video was recorded before the social distancing requirements. Kids should stand at a distance.

7) Minute to Win It

Complete each set of brain busters as many times as possible in 60 seconds.

  1. Jump – Spin – Clap 
  2. Stomp – Jump – Spin 
  3. Squat – Spin – Clap 
  4. Stomp – Stomp – Clap 
  5. Jump – Spin – Jump

8) BOKS Ladder Challenge

  1. Pick 2 movements (ex.Tuck jump and squat) 
  2. One child works at a time 
  3. Partner A does each movement once 
  4. Then, Partner B does each movement once 
  5. Partner A does each movement twice 
  6. Partner B does each movement twice 
  7. Keep increasing the reps by one each turn
  8. Play for 2 minutes and see how many reps the partners can get to 
  9. Rest for 1 minute
  10. 10. Change the exercise and repeat 

NOTE: partners should stand at a distance  

9) Cardio Tabata

Tabata is a form of exercise that alternates 20 seconds intense activity with 10 seconds resting for 8 sets or rounds.  

  1. 20 seconds of fast feet – 10 seconds rest 
  2. 20 seconds hopping on right foot – 10 seconds rest 
  3. 20 seconds hopping on left foot – 10 seconds rest 
  4. 20 seconds pretend jump rope – 10 seconds rest

Note: this video was recorded before the social distancing requirements. Kids should stand at a distance.

10) Dance It Up

Perform all the movements below in 15 second intervals while playing a song of your choice from BOKS Canada Spotify list.  

  1. Flossing– move hips right to left while holding your arms in a straight position with one arm hanging in front and the other behind your body. Essentially flossing your hips through your arms  
  2. Rake the lawn– pretend to hold and rake the leaves in one direction than another 
  3. Disco dancing– Point one finger in the air while holding your arm in a diagonal position above your head with the other arm and finger pointing to the floor 
  4. Sprinkler– move your arm like the motion of a sprinkler and switch arms when desired 
  5. Lawnmowing– pretend to cut the grass with the lawnmower in different directions 
  6. Changing the light bulbs– use one hand to reach about your head and pretend to change the light bulb in the ceiling, switch hands when desired 
  7. Repeat until the end of the song

Note: this video was recorded before the social distancing requirements. Kids should stand at a distance.

11) BOKS Says – In Your Chair 

Have all the kids sitting down facing front in their chairs. Trainer will begin some of the phrases with “BOKS Says…”(kids only do the movements that are preceded with that phrase). If they make a mistake, they perform a tree pose until the next round. 

  • Stand up
  • Sit Down
  • Fast feet while sitting
  • Stand up and squat
  • Stand up and jump
  • Run behind the chair to the left or right
  • Turn body left
  • Turn your body right
  • Bring knees to chest, one by one
  • Lift legs straight out 

After a minute, let the kids shake out their legs, pick a new leader and play again. 

12) Fast and Low 

Perform each of the following activities:  

  1. 30 count jumping jacks  
  2. 30 count plank hold  
  3. 30 count fast jump rope  
  4. 30 count low squat  
  5. 30 count fast running with high knees  
  6. 30 count plank hold  
  7. 30 count wide fast feet (like you are running through tires)  
  8. 30 count low squat  
  9. Rest for 60 seconds  
  10. Repeat 

13) Canada 150 

Complete each activity for 15 seconds with 10 second break in between exercises:  

  1. Row like you are rowing in a canoe  
  2. Horse Back Riding like you are in the saddle – jumps up and down 
  3. Hula Hoop with an imaginary Hula Hoop  
  4. Hopscotch– 1-foot to 2-feet to 1-foot skipping 
  5. Running in place like a sprinter 
  6. Basketball Jump shot 
  7. Speed Skating side to side  
  8. Snowball throw  
  9. Bowling ball throw with a deep lunge 

14) As If 

Do each activity for 60 seconds:  

  1. Jog in place as if a big scary bear is chasing you  
  2. Take big steps in place as if you are wading through thick, creamy yogurt  
  3. Jump up and down as if you were popcorn popping  
  4. Reach up as if you are grabbing balloons out of the air  
  5. March in place and play the drums as if you are in a marching band  
  6. Paint (on the ceiling) as if the paintbrush is attached to your head  
  7. Jump up as if you are going to do a big cannonball splash in the pool  
  8. Swim as if you are in a giant pool of applesauce  
  9. Shake your body as if you are a wet dog 

15) BOKS Give Me 10!   

Do each activity 10X  

  1. Jump Rope (pretending you have a jump rope in your hand) 
  2. Elbow to knee (opposite elbow to opposite knee) 
  3. Mummy kicks (arms out straight crossing over each time, legs kick out straight) 
  4. Side lunges touch your feet (5X each side)  
  5. Star Jacks (squat, jump up high and spread arms and legs out wide like a star) 
  6. Squat (hold squat while punching arms out in front) 
  7. Tire Jumps (jump like you are going through tires) 
  8. Repeat

16) Strong Abs 

  1. Hold a plank (on forearms) & move right foot out and tap toes, then return to start position (plank) 
  2. Repeat 10x on right side
  3. Repeat 10x on left side
  4. Hold a plank (on forearms) and extend right leg up toward ceiling 10x
  5. Hold a plank (on forearms) and extend left leg up toward ceiling 10x
  6. Repeat #1-5 while in reverse plank position (tummy facing ceiling)

Variation: try the same exercises using a straight arm plank.

17) Marching Mania 

While staying seated in your chair, perform each of the following exercises for 30 seconds.  

  1. Marching (soft feet)  
  2. High Knees (lifting your knees one at a time as high as you can 
  3. Fast feet (as fast as you can running in place) 
  4. Inside-outside (touching your arch with opposite hand, alternating feet- as fast as you can) 
  5. Marching (soft feet) 
  6. Straight legs (lifting both legs straight in front of you, bend and straighten – hold onto a chair) 
  7. Running with hands (speed running while swinging your hands and feet) 
  8. Seated ladder climb (opposite leg steps up while arm reaches high) 
  9. Chair squats (stand up then sit downrepeat)  
  10. Marching (soft feet) 
  11. Repeat

18) BOKS Traffic 

Standing in place, cue the kids to do the following movements. Change movements every 15-30 seconds.  

  1. Green Light – run on the spot 
  2. Red Light – stop moving – freeze in a balance position 
  3. Yellow Light –wide leg tire run 
  4. Speed Bump – bunny hops 
  5. Deer Crossing – gallop 

Tip #1 – use colored construction paper as cue cards for the commands

Tip #2 – have a child act as Assistant Controller and call out the cues 

19) Jungle Run 

Kids do the following movements on the spot. Cue them to change movements.  

  1. Jump over logs  
  2. Duck under branches  
  3. High knees through quicksand  
  4. Run from a tiger  
  5. Tip toe past a snake  
  6. Imitate monkeys  
  7. Have five kids choose a jungle movement of their choice and share with the group

20) Coin Flip 

Choose a leader to flip a coin for the class. Each coin flip corresponds to 30 seconds of activity. Repeat as desired.

Flip 1: Heads = squats, Tails = Lunges  

Flip 2: Heads = crunches, Tails = Plank  

Flip 3: Heads = Spiderman, Tails = Mountain Climbers  

Flip 4: Heads = jog on the spot, Tails = Jumping Jacks  

Flip 5: Heads = Broad Jumps, Tails =Tuck Jumps  

Flip 6: Heads = Crab Walk, Tails = Bear Crawl  

Flip 7: Heads = Push-Ups, Tails = Burpee  

Flip 8: Heads = Speed Skaters, Tails = Donkey Kick 


Press Pause with Your Students

To provide some mindfulness to your class, make sure to try these two activities. 

  • Square Breathing 

This square breathing exercise is a fast, fun, easy way to teach children about deep breathing and introduce deep breath.  

  1. Begin in an easy seated position on the floor or in a chair. 
  2. Breathe in for a count of four 
  3. Hold breath for a count of four
  4. Breathe out for a count of four
  5. Pause for a count of four
  6. Repeat. 

Variation: As you show this technique to the kids for the first time, draw a square in the air with your finger to model the Square Breathing Burst technique. Once you’ve modeled it for the kids, invite them to join you by drawing their own squares in the air. 

Note: this video was recorded before the social distancing requirements. Kids should stand at a distance.

  • Gratitude Burst 

Gratitude is acknowledging what is good in life and is often associated with feeling a greater degree of happiness. Have your BOKS kids tell you what they are grateful for. Keep it fun and maybe even write it down on a giant poster board to hang up in your space. Remember it can be anything like “I’m grateful for my parents”, “I’m grateful for my teacher”, “I’m grateful for the delicious apple I ate yesterday” or “I’m grateful for the walk I had with my friend”. 


BOKS (Build Our Kids’ Success) is a FREE physical activity program, backed by science, that improves our children physically, mentally and socially by strengthening their minds and bodies through movement. You can enroll a Canadian school for free in the BOKS program and make sure to sign up for our weekly BOKS Burst emails.