2020 was a year of transition and embracing change

We pivoted, we kept kids moving and we celebrated 10 years of BOKS Globally!

BOKS Global Celebrates 10 Years!

How did we get here so soon? It seems like just yesterday our founder, Kathleen Tullie, was getting the program up and going in her school. Thank you for all your support over the years and for being such a significant part of our lives and all the kids you’ve kept moving. We are grateful for 10 years of BOKS globally and 6 years in Canada. If you haven’t seen our 10 Year Anniversary video yet, take a look now!

BOKS Goes Virtual!

Pivot seems to be the key word for 2020. As COVID hit, BOKS immediately turned our strategy around to be sure to meet parents, teachers and all our existing BOKS trainers where they needed us most. With schools and community centers closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, BOKS needed a way to transition our messaging toward parents. The team worked diligently to offer online  Facebook Live classes and free At-Home Resourcesincluding physical activity games and lesson plans to stay active while at home.

We also were able to create more than 20 new documents, more than 73 Facebook Live videos and numerous virtual trainings to continue to keep Canadian kids active and healthy at a time when this has been more necessary than ever. The accessibility to our resources resulted in over 85,000 downloads of BOKS resources from March to December 2020.

The numbers show us just how active you all were!


engagements across social media platforms


views of our videos online

2020 BOKS by the Numbers

Schools signed up over the past 6 years – an increase of over 922 schools from 2019.

Kids Active This Year 

Volunteer Trainers Impacting Your Communities Each and Every Year 

BOKS workouts got kids moving in 2020! 

BOKS Communities Making an Impact 

Impact in Rural and Remote Communities

As we kicked off 2020, the BOKS Canada team had the opportunity to explore many rural and remote communities to learn from students, parents, teachers, elders, and community members who live there – we wanted to understand the best way to engage with these communities about their physical activity needs. Our travels took us through Northern Alberta, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia. While no two communities were the same, we learned a lot from our experiences. During our time we visited 40 schools, trained 75+ teachers and shared BOKS classes with over 400 students. We continue to work within these communities to ensure our program is sustainable and movement occurs in meaningful ways.

BOKS Resources Making a Difference

Here is a snapshot of the resources that were developed in 2020 to ensure all Canadian kids could get moving regardless of whether they were in a school or a home-based learning environment.

BOKS in the news

  • Teaching your children to live with purpose


    Teaching your children to live with purpose

    Children learn more from doing than by watching. Include them in fundraising, or in a walk or run that is raising awareness for a cause that is close to home. Bring them to a foodbank, or a tree planting day, or a community cleanup. On Earth Day, recruit them to help you turn off all [...] Read More

  • Staying active during quarantine is possible!


    Staying active during quarantine is possible!

    BOKS, an initiative of the Reebok Foundation, offers some free at-home physical activity resources for families, including daily BOKS classes via Facebook Live. Recognizing that anxiety is at an all-time high due to Covid-19 and resulting school closures, BOKS will provide physical activity games, activities and BOKS classes, to reduce stress with a daily dose [...] Read More

  • BOKS Launches Resources for Families to Stay Active at Home.


    BOKS Launches Resources for Families to Stay Active at Home.

    Recognizing that anxiety is at an all-time high due to Covid-19 and resulting school closures, BOKS is providing physical activity games, activities and BOKS classes, to reduce stress with a daily dose of endorphins for kids and families.   Read More

  • BOKS promotes physical literacy among students


    BOKS promotes physical literacy among students

    Students at Elijah Smith Elementary School were visited by Build Our Kids’ Success (BOKS) on Tuesday morning. BOKS is a free physical activity program intended to give students from kindergarten through Grades 9 more physically active in order to have an impact on a students’ learning. The program is a before school program for elementary [...] Read More

BOKS in Your Community

Our BOKS Canada Team is here to support your schools in helping to get more students active, more often. As part of our goal to achieve this, 2020 saw us implementing unique ways to reach our school communities. Here are just a few highlights of how we were able to connect with these communities and how one special trainer has taken BOKS to the next level!

1 Olympic Athletes
Our May calendar showcased a full month of Olympic and Paralympic athletes as well as Special Olympic youth ambassadors. Our school communities were inspired by their stories and motivated by all their incredible accomplishments.

2 BOKS Junior Leaders
We know that sustainability of BOKS is all about our youth and we saw hundreds of students across the country trained as BOKS Junior leaders in 2020. We are excited about the impact they are making within their school communities.

This Fall saw us offering numerous virtual trainings for school districts across the country and many engaging virtual BOKS Bursts sessions for hundreds of students at a time. Watching all of you get active with BOKS in this unique way, is inspiring.

4 Our Trainers ROCK
What we were most impressed with in 2020, was how our trainers pivoted and showed us how they integrated BOKS in creative and unique ways. Here is just one of our trainers who really took BOKS to the next level within her programming.

Here at St. Evan, we have had the pleasure to promote and participate in a variety of BOKS programs, ranging from the BOKS Bursts to the BOKS Program. Pre-COVID, we were fortunate enough to be able to run a lunch program over a period of approximately 13 weeks with our students in grades 3-5. We encouraged our students to never give up, and with patience, determination, and hard work, we would notice a positive end result. Throughout the program, we noticed students who were once shy and thought they couldn’t run, ended up portraying such confidence and athleticism that they never knew they had. Students were having fun, learning new skills, and building up their running stamina (which was great for our Cross Country runners), all while displaying great sportsmanship behaviour.

In addition to the BOKS program we ran during the lunch hour, we also participated in weekly BOKS Bursts. Teachers were emailed a week’s worth of BURSTS to complete during their DPA times. Having the BOKS Bursts videos on our SMARTBoards, allowed our students to see the activity in action. In addition to sending weekly BOKS Bursts through e-mail, we also created a box of hands-on material, such as different skills and activities, which were taken from the BOKS website to store in each classroom POD, for those classes who did not have a SMARTBoard. BOKS Bursts have now become one of our main forms of DPA activities we do at our school.

When COVID hit our schools which had us all switch to online learning, we thought, how are we going to keep our BOKS initiatives up and running to keep our students fit? I created a BOKS digital classroom which was shared with all our staff who uploaded it to their Google Classrooms. This also became a go-to activity for our Physical Education teachers to refer to. In addition to having the digital classroom, weekly Twitter posts and challenges also went out to our school community to participate in.

If I describe BOKS in one sentence it would look like this: BOKS is a FREE physical education program that focuses on the student’s health and well-being, while teaching them new skills, challenging them to new limits, and ensuring they are creating an overall healthy image of themselves.

BOKS is a must-have in every school. BOKS is fun and energetic, waking up our brains which in turn, ends up helping with our student’s academic behaviours in the classroom as well.

Cristina Pupo, St. Evan Elementary, Ontario

The Impact of Movement is More Important NOW, than ever before 

And we have the research to support it! 

The Pandemic and its impact on our mental health and access to physical activity resources has played a significant role within our school communities across Canada in 2020. BOKS has an even more important role to play as we move forward and navigate our current world. 

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt widely and as a result schools were suddenly facing new challenges. BOKS wanted to ensure its programming was responsive and reflected these changes. In partnership with Dalhousie University, BOKS Canada conducted a survey in July 2020 to capture information from across Canada as to the impact of the previous three months during lockdown. A national survey was sent out to BOKS’ trainers in order to assess how they had been impacted by the pandemic, and what resources would best help them with a return to school/BOKS programming. The survey was also used to explore how the pandemic had affected the trainers emotional and mental wellbeing and their perceptions of its impact on their students’ wellbeing and physical activity. Of note was the negative impact that the pandemic is having on the mental health and the energy of our BOKS trainers, as well as the inequities regarding access to physical activity and related resources. 

The results from this survey helped to inform revisions to BOKS programming to best support trainers with a return to school. As well, it has provided a sense of how best to support students/children in maintaining their physical activity both at school and at home. Finally, the survey data from trainers allowed for comparison of their emotional wellbeing and energy as compared to normative (non-pandemic) data. This analysis provides an insight into the impact of the pandemic on trainers’ health and well-being. 


73% of trainers believed that children were not getting enough physical activity during the pandemic. The challenges for physical activity of children and families included a lack of: playmates, motivation, equipment, and available space.  


We conduced a follow up survey in November 2020 and will be able to provide the results of this research in 2021.

Thank You to Our Partners!

“We are grateful to our partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada that enabled us to focus on rural and remote communities in Northern and Atlantic Canada in 2020. Prior to Covid, our team was able to connect in-person with teachers, staff and kids in communities throughout Northern Alberta, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia. We are excited about the relationships that have been built as a result and the possibilities of where these connections can take us in supporting these communities to keep active as we continue our partnership with PHAC into 2021.”

Kimberley Medeiros
Director, BOKS Canada

“2020 was an unprecedented year for all of us. With everything the pandemic has thrown our way, we know that movement is more important than ever and this makes the relationship between Reebok and BOKS even more meaningful. We are excited to have been able to support the extraordinary growth of the BOKS program this year, now in over 2400 Canadian schools! The creativity of our youth and school communities working together to keep moving with BOKS, is inspiring. We look forward to seeing what BOKS and Reebok can do together to continue to make change for Canadian youth.”

Beth Robertson
VP, Reebok Brand

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What will 2021 have in Store with BOKS?

We could never have predicted what 2020 would bring us but we are grateful for the challenges and new direction in which we have been able to continue to help keep Canadian kids moving and engaged. 2021 will see us continuing to launch many new resources including a games supplement and a running program! We are also excited to bring to you our Junior Leadership training program, enhanced virtual training and new, engaging lesson plans.

Stay tuned for many new resources, programs and training initiatives to support you in this fluid and ever-changing time. We will continue to provide you with the resources you need, when you need them!


BOKS Rocks!